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Fighting Life

"There is no better way to die, 
than to die in the midst of a battle, 
fighting to the very a man."

Yamatodamashii is roughly translated as Samurai Spirit or old spirit of Japan and has become synonymous with Enson Inoue. He was given this nickname by the Japanese media because of the way he carries himself inside and outside of the ring.

In his own words this is what Yamato Damashii is to him.  Taken from an interview by Hody Jae HuhThe meaning of Yamatodamashii to Enson

Enson started training martial arts at the age of 16 in Hapkido and Taekwondo. At the age of 21 he started studying Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Relson Gracie, and would train many hours a day to hone his ground game. By the time of his audition in 1994, he was a skilled grappler and good athlete. As a result, he was asked by Shooto  to skip amateurs and go directly to the professional rankings. In January 1995, he won his first Shooto match and pro MMA debut. In 1997 he would capture the Shooto Heavy Weight Championship and would go on to hold that title for another two years. Former Shooto Organization champions include current UFC 185lb champ Anderson Silva, Pride Champion Takanori Gomi, Pride Veterans Caol Uno, Joachim Hansen, Vitor Ribero, Hyato Sakurai, Shinya Aoiki,  Eric Paulson and Jake Shields.

Enson then went on to test himself in Vale Tudo Japan where he fought Frank Shamrock in an epic battle. In Vale Tudo Japan he also defeated the current UFC Heavy Weight Champion Randy Couture by arm bar.

Enson then moved on to the UFC where he defeated Royce Alger and eventually moved over to Pride FC where he fought the best fighters in the world. His legacy of fighting with Yamatodamashii, or Samurai Spirit is something that made him a legend in Japan.

Enson proudly is proudly associated with many Purebred gyms – these are located in Omiya and Guam, and affiliates in Thailand, Kingston Canada, San Diego and Vancouver Washington.