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How do I measure my wrist?

You can measure your wrist by recording the circumference around it such as the picture below. It is important to get the correct size to ensure your custom bracelet fits well. If you have any questions about the sizing please contact us here.

In this picture you can see that Enson's wrist size is 19cm.

In this picture you can see that Enson's wrist size is 19cm.


I saw that the stone meanings are different in other books or on other sites? Why is this?

There are a variety of resources available with information on crystals and gemstones. You may find that some vary from source to source. The definitions and meanings used here are the interpretations that Destiny Forever LLC give to the stones.

PLEASE NOTE: These bracelets are not intended to be used to substitute prescription, diagnosis or medical advice. Please make sure you see your doctor or other qualified health professional for related issues. 

By using this site and accessing this the associated crystal meanings and information, and/or purchasing items from DESTINY FOREVER LLC, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use or misuse of this lore, and hold harmless DESTINY FOREVER LLC and any of its employees.

Where do you get these stones from?

Enson mainly purchases the stones in Japan - the suppliers in Japan acquire their stones from all around the world.

Engravings are done in China.

How do I put on a Destiny Forever Bracelet?

Please watch this short video if you are having trouble putting your bracelet on:

Why are some stones more expensive than others?

The crystals and stones are sourced from around the world. Sometimes due to limited availability stones can be more expensive to purchase - this is reflected in the pricing of our stones; so you may notice this when we talk about "Upgrade stones"

How long will my order take to arrive?

We ship to most locations worldwide. 

We use EMS when posting from Japan - you can use the following link to track parcels sent from Japan: - When shipping from Japan it takes from 7-10 days to arrive worldwide.

We use USPS when posting from Hawaii - you can use the following link to track parcels sent from the US (Hawaii): - When shipping from the US it takes 4-5 days to arrive within the US and 7-14 days to arrive worldwide.

As we travel often, orders can be sent from either of these locations. If you have any special shipping requirements or requests, please contact us on