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Men's Bangai

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Men's Bangai

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Men's Bangai


The Men's Bangai is made of one sacred bangai temple bead, yellow agate, hematite and smoky quartz.

The bangai beads are blessed in their temple or origin and help promote health and healing.

Smoky quartz is an excellent grounding stone that neutralizes negative energy, disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity.

Agate is used to cleanse and stabilize the aura while helping to eliminate negativity. Crystal quartz is a master healer that amplifies energy. It absorbs, stores and releases positive energy.

Hematite is used to work on our yin-yang energies and give balance, focus and concentration.

The overall spirit of the bracelet is health, grounding and balance.

For sizing, it is important to get it right, so please double check your size when you order. You can go to our FAQ page to see how we measure the wrist size. 

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