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What you create for yourself today, will be your destiny forever.

Welcome to the official website of Enson Inoue and Destiny Forever LLC.

Keep and eye out here for up-to-date information on Enson and his journeys around the globe.

Feel free to browse our site, check out our gallery, visit the store or get in contact.

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Destiny Forever Store

Enson Inoue

Enson Inoue

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Destiny Forever Gallery

Enson Inoue is the embodiment of the Yamatodamashii way of life and state of mind. With roots in both Hawaii and Japan, DESTINY FOREVER LLC aims to unite people under a common vision of gratitude and helping people, through the creation of beautiful custom jewelry - designed, fitted and handmade by Enson Inoue specifically for the intended wearer.

Signed copy of Enson's book

This is for a signed copy of Enson Inoue's new book: "Live as a man. Die as a Man. Become a Man."

Yamatodamashii is roughly translated as Samurai Spirit or old spirit of Japan and has become synonymous with Enson Inoue. He was given this nickname by the Japanese people because of the way he carries himself inside and outside of the ring. This philosophy permeates throughout Enson’s experiences, helping him gain a different perspective on life with every new challenge that has come his way. He is the first World Shooto Heavyweight Champion, UFC fighter, Pride fighter, and pioneer of modern MMA. He gives an in-depth account of his philosophical insights and thrilling adventures both inside and outside the ring.

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