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The Ronin is the inspired by from the "Shogun" series of bracelets. 

A Ronin is a Samurai who no longer has a Master, therefore it can be said that he has no purpose. So unlike the Shogun that is made of solid stones, the Ronin is completely transparent - symbolizing that he is a wondering soul without purpose. 

Also different from the Shogun and Samurai, the colors are more rugged.
It's made completely of Smoky Quartz which is good for grounding, dispersing fear and neutralizing negative energy. Even though the nature of a Ronin's spirit is fearless, it is not settled, so the Smoky Quartz helps promote the grounding they need.

The hematite on the ends works the body's yin-yang energies to balance the ions within, whilst promoting focus and concentration.

The overall spirit of the bracelet is to help with grounding and focus.

The Japanese symbols/kanji says "Yamatodamashii" (大和魂) which is roughly translated to "The Samurai Spirit". It was a name given to Enson by the Japanese media and people for the way he fought. It evolved into a philosophy and way of life as it incorporates values of Integrity, Honor, Compassion and Loyalty. So it has become a way of living and values to aspire to and live through. There is much more depth to the philosophy than the simple description here, there is an interview which covers part of Enson’s perspective on Yamatodamashii here.

For sizing, it is important to get it right, so please double check your size when you order. You can go to our FAQ page to see how we measure the wrist size. 

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